People Love Us

How was your visit? Please share your experience with us.

Dr. Watson and his staff are TOPS!! You all do a wonderful job and I appreciate the care and concern you’ve shown me as a patient. Thank you!

- Jean S.

I'm no longer afraid of the dentist, thanks to Dr. Watson & staff.

- Kelly P.​

I recently moved out of town, but I still travel in to see Dr. Watson whenever I need dental attention. He knows what he's doing, does it with gentleness, humor, and speed. And things seem to get done well the first time, which has not always been my experience with dentistry. I bring my children to him as well, and they love him too. He also knows his music, so you can sit in the dentist chair and hear Cake and Roberta Flack in the same playlist. This is some fine rock & roll dentistry, and it is worth traveling for.

- Ariana O.

Great staff, very friendly. After getting my teeth cleaned I feel like we should all be going out for a beer or something.

- Charles R.​

I had to have a wisdom tooth extracted with only local anesthetic, but Dr. Watson reassured me, talked me through the whole process, and was so careful to make sure I was completely numb before extracting the tooth. He did such a great job that I didn't even feel the tooth come out! My recovery time has been quick and easy -- I haven't even needed a single Ibuprofen.

- Lauren S.

From the first phone call to every appointment, the staff is incredibly helpful, caring, and informative every step of the way. I've learned more about my teeth and dental hygiene in the last 2 months with them that I have my entire life. I enjoy going there when needed because I know I will be taken care of and they will walk me through everything.

- Mallory R.

I never dread the thought of going to Dr. Watson, he is the absolute best dentist I have ever gone to. He is thorough, explains in detail what needs to be done and why, and will take what ever time is needed to do the job. The staff is friendly and outgoing. I've been going here for many years and highly recommend it.

- Brenda C.

I have had many dentists during my life and now at 67 years old, my teeth are in great shape due in large part to the years of excellent service provided by Dr. Watson and his knowledgeable staff. It is obvious that Dr Watson incorporates the latest dental technology regarding computer systems, imaging, and record keeping to insure a smoothly run professional dental practice.

- Kelly M.

All of the staff is excellent. They make sure you're as comfortable as possible. They fully and clearly explain treatment options, listen and answer any questions you may have. I'm very happy with the level of service and care here, and that to me is priceless.

- Rachel B.

Thank you for taking time to create personal connections with your patients. Your time and caring keep me at ease in the dentist’s chair.

- Rachel C.​